Is it true that the real success in Forex is a kind of closed book that no one saw, and if you saw and read, it will not show?

Speculative trading on Forex is an important income item for many banks, investment and hedge funds. Some information can certainly be gleaned from their dry reports, but this profit makes real banks and funds for real people. We are used to talking only about those we know personally.


People who work in the financial sphere communicate with each other, and each of us who has worked in the market for a long time, heard from colleagues a lot of stories about successes and failures and could tell a lot himself.


For more than 20 years of existence of the TeleTrade Group of companies, under the brand name of Teletrade Group, thousands of successful professionals working in different countries of the world have been trained, who have made trading in Forex their profession. And a much larger number of private investors who passed our school


However, as you know, money likes silence, and therefore not every trader will tell the first one about his successes. Someone is afraid of “jinxing”, causing jealousy, and the other does not want to spray their strength on unnecessary chatter. As for the results of trading on specific accounts, then, of course, this information is confidential.

Forex is easy

Who is the author of textbooks and other books on Forex – non-practicing theorists and analysts?
Analysts of the company “Teletrade Group”, as well as specialists of partner companies are the authors of several popular books on the foreign exchange market Forex. Among them, such bestsellers as “Forex is easy”

Trading tips

If someone offers their trading tips on Forex for money, is he just a theoretical analyst without practical experience?
People who offer their services privately can be guided by different motives. Among them there are both professionals with a good reputation, as well as pure theorists who do not have practical experience, and even simple adventurers